How to choose the right colours for your Burouc travel blog

We all struggle with choosing the right colours for our websites. They shouldn’t be too flashy, but shouldn’t appear boring and of course they should match. As our theme Burouc supports choosing your own colours, our designer has assembled some colour pairings, that would match your travel blog.

Natural is the way to go

We advise you to use natural colours on your Burouc travel blog, so they match the colours of your pictures. All of our six sample pairings are compatible with pictures of the great outdoors. Choose the right ones for you by matching them to the tone of your own pictures.

Two colours to amaze

We assembled three warm (orange and red) and three cool (blue and green) colour pairings. Whatever colour you choose, we advise you, to first choose one colour and then select a matching lighter or darker colour in the same shade.

However, it is important that you always match the colours to your individual type of photography and motive – that will make your Burouc travel blog stand out from others.

See below our sample pairings: