First Burouc update: Two new features for you

With our sales of Borouc up in double digits (yippie!), we are releasing our first update for the theme with some new features, we think you could really enjoy.

As in all updates we worked out some bugs and rough edges (thank you to everyone, who brought them to our attention). However we also added some new features, which will help you to customize your Borouc-side even more.

The first thing we’ve introduced is a new way to display your posts – the grid layout. You can use this kind of layout on your front page or your archive pages. We’ve prepared a new demo of our theme (Demo 7), that uses this kind of layout, so go and check it out.

We’ve also added an autoplay option to the front page slider, that will give your homepage a more dynamic feel.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features!

Check out the new features of our theme Burouc